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Saturday, December 31, 2005

World Missions Summit Part III

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Jess: Happy New Year! It's 2006 in the Eastern time zone. Well, it has been for about 36 minutes. So we're all excited because you all back home are still waiting for the new year.

Zach: We beat you!

Jess: We beat you! We're having fun here in Louisville, otherwise known as Loo-eh-vol, and some people want to say some stuff.

Rachael: Happy New Year! As Jess just said we are in a new year and you guys are in an old one. How does it feel to be in the stale new year while we're - the stale old year while were in the new year? I don't know 'cause I'm not there. But we hope you guys have a great New Year. We are having fun with country western band playing for us. He he he he he he he. And also some serious rockin'... Oh, sign language interpreters that already know the words to the [unintelligible]. So awesome. But I'm going to let Krysty tell about some really awesome people that we met here. I think.

Krysty: [unintelligible] it's a new year, and I'm excited about it! Usually I'm excited about a lot of things, but 2006, psht yeah baby. Okay, so I wanted to tell you about this girl that we met here. Her name's Nora, Nora Doughty and she is beautiful. Her middle name is Teal, as in the color. Which rocks by the way. Anyway, so we meet her line as we're like standing in line as we're like standing getting chocolate fondue in this chocolate fountain which basically is going to be in my mansion in heaven and it was amazing. So anyway, only [unintelligible]. Anyway, so I'm standing in line at this like fondue fountain, and freaking out having fun. This girl is like telling us she's here from Illinois she's all alone at the moment. She came with like fifty people. Anyway, she started telling her testimony. And like she's a new baby Christian. Only saved like five months ago, and saved in a radical, powerful, amazing way and God has just been rocking her world. So great. And, I loved her to death because she'd get excited and she'd do this little like fist thing. Oh you can't see me 'cause you're on the phone. Anyway, so she was doing it and then I'd do it and then we'd all laugh at each other, and then she'd just kinda look and she had this really loud laugh except and and a chipped tooth. It was awesome. But anyway, she'd go "ahhh!" and then that would be it. And it was so great. Then we'd laugh at her some more so Nora's my new friend and she's going to check out our blog, and she's beautiful, and God is going to take her to amazing places. Here is Lacy to tell you Happy New Years.

Lacy: Happy New Year!

Krysty: And this is Zach. Going blog a little bit about his experience in Louisville.

Zach: Okay Jess, I promise I won't turn it off. No what a tragedy, the treasure would be lost forever. It was a good new year. Did some dancing, listened to a country rock band, which I think somebody already said, and a crazy rock band, and a couple of guys running "Game-a-palooza." Which was basically answer the question with any of the possible multiple choice, and you win a prize. And they gave away a million bucks. Not in our currency though, in some currency where that equals maybe a hundred dollars. But it was pretty sweet anyways. So I'm going to let Jess have the phone now for closing remarks.

Jess: That's it from here folks. We'll be blogging later. Talk to you later. Bye.#

Something's Wrong

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Noooooo! It started over. Something. I don't know something's wrong.#

World Missions Summit Part II

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Jess: Hey guys, this is Jess. We're just heading back to the hotel, and Scott wants to tell a story. Okay.

Scott: It has been a wonderful time here at the Missions Summit. Except that we've had six girls and only two guys in our group. So definitely, definitely causes a lack of focus, a little bit fractured stories, and you know just overall giddiness.

But no, it's been a good conference - a lot of interesting speakers. We get a lot of interaction with missionaries. I think there is over two hundred missionaries that are here actively interacting with the students. I went through the experience this morning with the Northern Asia folk, and heard some incredible stories, especially about a population group of fifteen million Muslims that live in the northwest corner of China and don't have any missionary presence at all, and so one of the missionaries who thought he was going to go to reach Buddists, of which the majority of Chinese are, now feels like God has placed him there to witness to this fifteen million minority which is you know about five percent of the United States, which is a pretty big chunk of people.

So then I went to Europe this afternoon, and also met with the European missions leader for the Chi Alpha movement as we talked more about the potential opportunity of planting Chi Alpha in Slovakia, and had a great time with him. I ended up having him pray for me as I'm going to embark on my trip to Poland and Slovakia in T minus four days.

So that's the last report for 2005, and we'll catch you in 2006.#

World Missions Summit Photos

If you haven't already, be sure to check out lafalda's photo stream for all the latest pictures from Kentucky and the way there.

Friday, December 30, 2005

World Missions Summit Part I

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Jess: Hey it's Jess, we are... Where are we? In some small town. We're in Effingham or somewhere near, getting gas and we just had a good night last night. We stayed with some host families in Brighton, Illinois. Scott is using the restroom right now, as usual. No, don't put that in there. Don't transcribe that, Lance! Just kidding, but here's Krysty to tell some stories.

Krysty: Okay, so dude, last night I'm driving right. Just going down the road driving as you do, and Scott was way ahead of me. So I was like, "Okay you guys, buckle up 'cause I'm seriously going to speed. Which equates to five miles over the limit right, because I'm a Christian, like that's what you do. Anyway, we're going along and sure enough (the speed limit was seventy) I started going like 78. I was pushing it I admit, and there was a copper, and he pulled me over. But then he got up to the car, and he saw that we were a bunch of girls, and we were like, "Oh, we don't know where we are. What state is this?" And was like, "Okay, just try to keep it at 70." And he let us go, and it was 'cause he saw we were girls in the wrong state. It was awesome.

And yesterday we were just having these passing games with this guy in a Caddie. He had eyes for Rachael, and it was awesome.

Rachael: I took my hair down.

Krysty: And she took her hair down and flapped it in the wind as we were passing him in our Geo Metro.

"Oh my gosh, yeah the little boy!"

Okay, so last night we stayed at this family, and I was so in love. There was this little boy there. He was six years old and he had downs syndrome. His name was Conner, and he's in love with Darlene Zschech. Like, he watches her all the time on TV, or like their DVD or whatever. So hello! Child after my own heart, and he's basically in the trunk right now, 'cause I wanted to kidnap him. No, that was a joke. Totally, totally not legal and I have already broken the law. I fought the law and the law won.


That was Rachael's sweet lighter. Not me burping. You open it up. It has a hologram tiger slash... what is that a golden retriever. That is so awesome. But anyway, this is probably eight minutes long. Okay, Rachael's talking now.

Rachael: I don't want to talk, but... So we had a really good time last night with Viola, and she fed us a lot - a lot of spaghetti. And we were so full, and we just stuffed it down 'cause it was so wonderful. But she made it and it tasted really good, but we were all stuffed, but we did have a really good time, and they have a beautiful house on a lake. And I want them to be my grandparents. Here's Jess.

Jess: Alright, so that's about it. We're heading into Louisville. We'll be there in about... yeah Lacy... we had some fake Cheerios this morning, and Lacy’s stomach can only handle real ones. So she's sick. But yeah, we'll be in Louisville in about five hours, and we'll probably check in later. Okay bye.#

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

World Missions Summit

Today a group left for the World Mission's Summit in Louisville, Kentucky. Let me try and remember everyone who was going: Scott, Jess, Krysty, Jamey, Lacy, Rachael, and maybe Zach. What is the world missions summit? Well, if you didn't already look at that link, I'll give you the overview. A bunch of missionaries from around the world were invited to Kentucky and so were all the Chi Alpha groups. College students will be able to meet with missionaries and see what they are doing.

The Hadingers, who are missionaries to the Old Colony Germans in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico will be there. I met them in January when I went down there with Dan and Andrew (my friend from Boise). Here's a photo set and a blog post. I'm excited for some of our Chi Alphers to meet them because that's where we are hoping to go for our spring break mission trip.

The group headed to Kentucky is set up with audioblogger so hopefully we'll be hearing all about it from the road.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Feliz Navidad

I know I speak for everyone on staff and student leadership when I wish you a GLORIOUS Christmas and an EXTRAORDINARY New Year! We hope your winter break goes smoothly and safely and that you return refreshed and ready to embrace another amazing semester of Chi Alpha and all that that entails...


Krysty Kay

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Merry Christmas

There are few Chi Alpha events that include wrapping paper, bath robes and egg nog chugging... but once a year you are guarenteed these amazing pleasures at our annual Christmas party. Friday night marked our last organized event for 2005 and it was possibly the best way to end the semester and celebrate all that God has done. Some of the highlights included HJ singing a worship song in Korean, an air hockey match that brought out La Roja's competative side, and a stunning victory in pool by Rocky. All in all it was a beautiful thing. It simply leaves one with a little mist in their eye, so grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of people...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Krysty Kay