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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Website Refresh 2008

Hi there faithful blog readers. We haven't updated the old blog in a while, but were working on changing that. We've been recruiting some new writers, and wrangling up big ideas.

One of the changes we want to make before to long is an update to the official site at Part of that update will include moving this blog over there, and starting a podcast. You can download the weekly messages right now, but they aren't a podcast. So you can't subscribe to it. We'll also be setting up an RSS feed for events. So if you use an RSS reader you'll be able to keep up with new events easier.

The last couple nights, I've been working out a design for the new site. I've put up a mockup at Tell me what you like and what you hate about it, and if it's missing anything. This is just the homepage. You can send me an email or just comment on this post.