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Monday, August 21, 2006

allehe's eyes will guide the way

allehe's eyes will guide the way
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greetings one and all. here's a little update on the xa front. update number one: they have been having chi alpha ...without me. :) well, summer bible studies at least. and as you can see by this picture, we've, er, they've been having a pretty good group. this was my first one of the summer and i enjoyed it a lot. lance and rachael led worship and it was so good to sing in english. some off-brand refreshments were certainly consumed before miss holly b led us in a discussion about mark. the book of mark, that is, we didn't just sit around and discuss what's going on with mark, you know. :) sorry. no, mark chapter 10. lance had an interesting perspective on the
story about the children, i thought. most people take this line about childlike faith to mean that we have to believe as simply and purely as children do. and i think it is this too, but he said that when children are given a gift they don't try to give it back. we so often do, with forgiveness, for example. we find it hard to accept or hard to hold on to whereas children accept gifts gladly. the evening was rounded out with a little trip to, oh boy, the big dipper (great cones!) in fact, the study is likely there now, i had to leave prematurely to come to work...and blog. yes, come to work and blog. that's all for now but we are all inhaling deeply in preparation for the start of the schoolyear (craziness) in addition to scrambling madly to get assigned tasks done before reverend scott barnett sets foot back on american soil this wednesday. some things will never change.