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Friday, March 23, 2007

Adios Amigos!

Two years ago I recorded these thoughts in my journal: "Today I experienced the most delight I've ever felt before: walking into a room where 22 dark little heads swarmed my person shouting "arriba" and giggling with exuberance that was so contagious I laughed for an hour. I'm in Mexico with Chi Alpha. We are working at an orphanage this week, and in just the short time I've been here I can honestly say it's changing my life. How beautiful, how precious are these little lives. They radiate with excitement and mischief. They exude joy and hilarity. I'm taken with one little boy already... little Diego, who seems somewhat attached to me as well. We can't communicate properly (note: study spanish for next time!) but we converse in tickles and zurberts. Thursday means goodbye, and from the overwhelming love I have for this place and these kids, I can already tell 'adios' will be difficult."

I thought it would be fitting to share these observations as the Mexico Team departs tomorrow morning for Tijuana. I'm praying for them whole-heartedly as I will sadly have to stay behind... but I know that what lies in store for them is more beautiful and satisfying than spending Spring Break anywhere else. I love you guys! Have a great trip!