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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Girl's Retreat update

Finally, almost a week later, I have an update of the girl's retreat for you.
In a word the weekend was divine. God showed up in such a beautiful way, that all the girls who attended went home changed and inspired. I can't even articulate how much God's heart is moved when His Daughters get together to adore Him. It's as if Heaven pauses to listen to the passionate worship they throw before His Throne. Truly, I sensed our Savior walk among us during the weekend and I hope you would agree that it's the sweetest thing on earth... at least us girls enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed chocolate, Mike Myers, baby cheeses, a short lived campfire, phenominal worship, a beautiful guest speaker, a lot of laughs and a much needed session of encouragement. As I stated earlier, it was divine. I can't think of a better way to spend 24 hours of my life, and you can be guarenteed that this is just the beginning of a great thing. Plans are already in the works for Daughter's Retreat 2006! So fabulous females, make sure you don't miss out next year...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Scavenger Hunt

Last night we couldn't have Chi Alpha worship in our normal room, because a professor wanted that particular room for testing. So we got a room in the UC. Scott played guitar and led us in some great worship, gave a short message, and then we did a scavenger hunt. The location was changed up a bit, so we thought we'd change up the usual Thurday program a bit too.

The scavenger hunt was pretty cool. It was a little bit different than your average scavenger hunt. We divided into four teams. Each team had a camera phone and a list of things to find. They would snap photos, and send them to a certain email address. The photos would then show up on our specially made scavenger hunt website which we displayed on the projector. Once a team found seven of the photos, we sent them a photo of the final thing to find.

It was really fast-paced. The photos came in much quicker than I expected, and we had a winner in about 45 minutes. Afterwards, the teams told us a little about the photos they took, we had some snacks, and played around on John's skateboard. Then, as usual, we went to Denny's.

Be sure to check out the scavenger hunt photos. I can't remember that was on the list but here are some:

  • One of the other teams taking a photo

  • A building erected in 1898

  • An unflushed toilet

  • Someone playing the piano

  • Main Hall at 9:00

  • A squirrel

  • A bear wearing an article of clothing

  • Someone in shorts

  • A human pyramid

  • An issue of the Phillips County News

  • An uncarved pumpkin

  • A neon open sign

  • A freight elevator

  • A haloween decoration

  • Someone climbing a tree

Friday, October 21, 2005


It's true. The Chi Alpha women are heading off for their very first girl's retreat today! Stay posted for an update... it's going to be amazing!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mini Missions

I never ever ever ever ever ever ever thought I would be into logging... but I may have found a new secret hobby. Last weekend ten of us descended upon Plains Montana with the intent to lend a hand in their 'Wood Ministry'. The church we went up to help out is exceptional. They have such a passion to serve their community that they literally are fulfillingg people's basic human needs. They are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and helping to heat elderly and single mother's homes who don't have the means to gather and chop their own wood. Nothing demonstrates Jesus better than this concept, and their church has seen radical growth to prove it. I can honestly say it challenged me in extraordinary ways. What are some ways that I can serve my community in the same way? Is there anything I can do to minister to the University Campus with much the same idea? I really believe there is something to this servanthood thing, and I can't wait to see where God goes with it all... stay posted because I'm sure I'll let you know!
Much love, Krysty Kay

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Homecoming 2005

Okay, I'm pretty sure that Chi Alpha is awesome. This weekend we stayed up till wee hours of the morning constructing a pirate ship... and I'm pretty sure that I will gladly be a part of any group who participates in such noble feats.
This weekend was the 2005 Homecoming parade for the Montana Grizzlies and we all went out in style (to the biggest parade of the year) in our XA pirate ship complete with theatrical ensemble and dingy. I had the thrill of passing out candy to small children the entire route but most of them were too distracted by 'Zeek' and the 'bandit stowaway' to notice the dum-dums we had purchased for them. After the parade we shockingly dismantled our creation in a matter of 60 minutes and had a very undignified ceremony for "The Scott Barnay" besides the dumpster out back. Twenty minutes later we were cheering on the Grizzlies in an amazing game that reminded me how much I love Missoula and the first week of October... Here's to the Griz and to next year's "Naval-Worthy-Water-Craft".
Krysty Kay