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Friday, March 24, 2006

Testing and Leaving for Spring Break

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Well, it looks like it is working. I gave the number to Jess so the L.A. team should be able to post, and I left a voice mail for Megan the Red so the Gulf Coast team will be able to post if Megan checks her voice mail.

If you didn't know already we have several teams leaving for spring break. Team 1 (we'll call them the green team) will be going to Los Angeles and helping out at the Dream Center. Team 2 (blue team) will be going to Canyonlands National Park in Southern Utah for a week long hike. I'm on blue team. Team 3 (red team) will be going to the Gulf Coast to help with the hurricane relief effort. I orginally had colored the teams differently, but when I got to team 3 I had to make it the red team in honor of Megan the Red.

Everyone, have a great spring break whether you are going on one of the trips, on another trip, or staying in good old Missoula.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Pat's with Colorado Chi Alpha

You know a party is good when you can play Dance Dance Revolution, Katamari Damacy, and Settlers of Katan in the same night. We rented three rooms in the University Center (a.k.a the U.C., it's the mall type place on campus) and set up a bunch of different games. Also, Peter brought his band, and Kathleen made cookies. All in all a pretty fun evening. Be sure to check out my photostream for all the photos.

Thanks for the great time Colorado Chi Alpha! I hope you enjoyed your week in Montana.