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Friday, July 15, 2005

Thursday Night Bible Study

Yesterday we had our second Bible study of the summer. This time it was over at the cool new XA guys' house. Krysty and Jess taught on Acts 1-4. I know that's a lot of content to cover, but we didn't actually sit there and read it all. We hit on some highlights, and they had a few really good discussion questions that got us all talking.

What do you know about gifts in general and what can you say about gifts that God gives?

What kind of promises did God make in the Bible? Who did he make them to, and how did they respond?

Has God ever made you a promise that you've seen to fulfillment? How has that effected your faith?

We'll be having another Bible study at the guys' house next Thursday, and yours truly will be leading it. I hope to see you there!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Fun

What's wrong with me? I didn't take one photo yesterday evening. Last night we had our first summer Bible study over at the XA Girls' house. It was really good to see everyone again, even if it wasn't everyone. We sang some worship, prayed, began studying Acts, or "The Acts of the Apostles" as it is called in Krysty's Bible. We sang a belated happy birthday to Jess, and made her kiss the five-headed Tom Cruise that Scott made. (a bit of her own type of humor)

After all this, some of us headed up to Fort Fizzle to have a bonfire. We burned the branches from Scott's sawsall pruning sessions at the XA houses, and some of my left over fence and waterbed parts. Rael showed us the W that is called casiopia, and Scott gave me a wonderful cheese dog.

Maybe we can post some photos from Scott once he posts them to flickr.

Next up: Rafting the Blackfoot tomorrow!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

New XA Website

Hey, I've been working on a new design for the Chi Alpha Website, and I wanted to post my first mock-up, and see what you thought. How can the graphic design be improved? Colors? Let me know what you think. You can click the image for a large one. It's large, so you'll have to be patient while it loads.



Hey how's it goin'? Thursday was my first night working the fireworks stand. It was pretty fun actually. I was working with Rachael. To my surprise, the stand was loaded with snack food and pop! I was going to order pizza, but I made a PB & J instead. We had a pretty good night for a Thursday, I think it will be starting to get quite a bit more busy this weekend. If you are interested in helping work the stand (you don't have to know much about fireworks) just email me or give Scott a call.

We've kind of had a bit of a break from Chi Alpha for the last month. People left for home, others left for Eastern Europe, but I'm getting excited for what's coming up this summer. We are having our first summer Bible study on Thursday, and then a week from today, we are going to raft the Blackfoot river. I'll be captaining a boat again, so if you want to be in the wild and fun boat, be sure to find me!

That's all for now.