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Thursday, November 17, 2005

thoughts, reflections, nonsense

it's been a veritable coon's age since i posted in the xa blog so i thought it was high time. God has been doing some really exciting things in xa this year and i'm even more excited to see what happens next semester. last night rachael and i had one of our best bible studies yet. it had little to nothing to do with the study, but one girl offered a story about her prayer language and that launched us into a wonderful discussion, which will tie nicely with what scott's preaching about tonight. for me it was just incredible to get to hear how God has touched these girls, as uniquely as the girls themselves. then nearing the end of the study, a different girl asked us our opinion on a moral dilemma and we discussed for another half an hour. it was just so good to stretch our conversatory (is that a word?) muscles and to feel closer to one another as a result.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Parking Garage Worship

Remnant. Contrary to popular belief, this is not something archaeologists stumble across, but rather it is an extraordinary band that houses God's fame. Last Saturday night they had the chance to usher us into Heaven's throne room in the most unusual setting: a parking garage. Even though it was -2 degrees Celsius outside, it didn't seem to phase the number of people gathered to sing love songs to their Savior.

The Director (Scotty B) had this brainchild of 'worship in random locations' many months ago, but I don't think anyone was prepared for the beautiful way God chose to show up... even people just walking past were drawn in to catch a glimpse of our Creator moving among us. If the night reminded me of one thing, it was that God is alive and well on the University of Montana campus.

If you happened to miss the delicious night of worship, don't be disheartened! 'Remnant' will be playing for the 'All Campus' Corporate worship night this Thursday as well as for another 'worship in random locations' on December 3rd... so stay posted for details (I'll pretty much tell you right now, we won't be in the parking garage simply because it's hard to worship when you can't feel your face!)

Okay, Friends... I love you all!
Krysty Kay

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween Party

Upon discovering that I am completely hopeless at pumpkin bowling, I decided that I will stick with consuming sugar and bobbing for apples on Halloween from now on. Last Saturday was Chi Alpha's completely amazing constume party and I was amazed at the star-studded cast that decided to attend. We had Chaplin, Dean and Monroe. Annie, Jessica Rabbit, catwoman and a rabbit judge. We had a scottish piper, a hole-y ghost and an almost terrifying 'cereal' killer. Truly, the event had a flare all it's own and everyone who attended enjoyed trick-or-treating for canned goods as well as an intense game of pictionary. But never to be outdone, the beautiful women at the girl's house made a creepy spread that even Martha Stewart would have envied. Here's to next year and several more creative ways to make a costume out of a sheet!